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About Stella


Golden Retriever


Age: 12

Info: Stella has been diagnosed with Melanoma, a commonly fatal cancer of the skin. Recent research in veterinary medicine has created the Melanoma Vaccine, developed by veterinary oncologist, Dr. Phil Bergman. The vaccine attacks the melanoma cancer cells, thus killing the cancer. Pets receive four vaccinations in a row, 2 weeks apart and then go on to have boosters every 6 months. The prognosis greatly improves with this vaccination program. "We are thrilled with the help being provided by ACTSS for Stella's cancer treatments. That's a very generous amount and we are really appreciative in your efforts to help Stella. We're really hoping the treatments will work for her. Right now, she's experiencing a few of the side effects of the chemotherapy but overall, she's doing really well. She still has all her fur too :) We just found out her melanoma DNA vaccines have arrived, so next Wednesday she'll start that route. It would be fine if the cheque were made out to Western Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Centre for her upcoming treatments. She'll be starting her vaccines next week and she'll be receiving 4 vaccines, once every 2 weeks for the next little while, along with all the other necessary procedures. So, the $2000 will help immensely with all of those expenses. My daughter and I would like to give a big heartfelt thanks to you and all of ACTSS members for making a difference in our (especially Stella's) lives."