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About Spudsie


Cocker Spaniel

Cartoid Body Tumor

Age: 8

Info: In January 2004 Spudsie became the first case that ACTSS subsidized for radiation therapy. Radiation therapy requires the pet to travel to a specialized oncology centre that possesses an expensive radiation machine housed in a thick concrete vault for safety. The pet receives radiation on a daily basis (Monday to Friday) for usually three to four weeks.  Spudsie, an eight year old Springer Spaniel, had a carotid body tumor on his neck that surgery alone would never be able control. Spudsie and his owner traveled to Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital to receive his radiation. He did very well. The Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada now has an oncology center with a radiation machine donated by ACTSS. In July 2004 an Albertan veterinarian who has been training in oncology at Ft Collins for the past 2 years will return to Saskatoon to run the oncology program and Western Canadian pets will be able to receive their radiation therapies closer to home.  Spudsie's owner Joan, decided to stay with Spudsie during his 4 week stay at Ft Collins, Colorado, which no doubt increased Spudsie's comfort with the whole experience. "Pets are a lifetime commitment-I owe it to Spudsie to ensure he has the longest, happiest, most comfortable life possible. Were he capable, he would do the same for me."  Joan (Spudsie's mom)