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Info: Please forgive the delay in sending this. We wanted to be sure Sabre continued to respond well to his therapy before writing you again. He has indeed continued to be in complete remission and does many a "Happy Dance" (we are sure in honour and gratitude to you all, as well as out of the sheer joy of living exuberantly with his little terrier brothers and Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Aunties, here in sunny Calgary!) Again, our profound thanks and assurance that I will certainly send you pictures and "Sabre's Story" when he is closer to completion of his therapy (he is about two-thirds through it now). Please let me know if you would like something sooner. Every moment I spend with our beautiful boy is precious and cherished (there are some who feel an animal's life is relatively worthless but in my soul I know this to be utterly false: the human-animal bond can be just as meaningful as any other.) What Sabie has given to me is priceless. Bless you in your work.