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About Mojo


Devon Rex Cat


Age: 12

Info: We don't want to say goodbye yet, so we have been doing chemotherapy since December 8, 2009. Cancer treatment is very expensive and may only buy us a few weeks or months but we are not ready to give up yet. Maybe we will beat the odds. Going through cancer treatment with a loved one, whether human or pet, is very difficult and affects the whole family. You always hope there will be the miracle, but no matter what the outcome, we want to do everything we can for them, even if we have to sacrifice to do that. We nurse them, clean up after them, and take time to be with them and most of all, love them. ACTSS understands our bond with our pets and helps ease the financial burden. With their help, more pets will have treatment and because of that, we will learn more about the treatments for the benefit of future cancer sufferers. Judy