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About Mika


Alaskan Malamute

Mast Cell Tumours

Age: 7

Info: Mika is a big and beautiful Alaskan Malamute, she is coming on 7 years next March. She is the baby and should I say the queen of our house. During August my husband found a squishy lump on her right shoulder; taking her to the vet for her yearly appointment the vet did an aspirate of the lump and the cells were not good. She then had a biopsy done; the results were Mast Cell Tumour (Grade 1).  We were referred to Dr. Nikki Sereda at the Western Vet Specialist Center. She had surgery on September 24th to remove the lump and also a lymph node which was found to have cells in it. Her lumps were upgraded to a grade 2. We decided to do chemotherapy to give her a better chance of it not spreading. She had 6 chemotherapy treatments all together. One every week for three weeks then another three with a week interval in between. Mika had to have a blood test the day before chemotherapy and then chemotherapy which usually took one hour.  Mika knew where she was going and would do her cry, but once she got used to it she loved the doctor and Jamie who gave her the I.V. She became a star as the two of them would "woo woo" as soon as she arrived. Mika is glad that it is over and she is fine and we are hoping for the best. For now we need some rechecks for the next 3 months and then every three after that.  Yours truly, Sheila