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About Maxine





Info: Maxine is an intelligent, friendly, compassionate and lovable dog who is different from my other two golden retrievers. Maxine is my third golden retriever. Maxwell and Sam are my previous golden retrievers who are remembered as kind, gentle-hearted, trusting, handsome and sometimes stubborn pet companions. However Maxine has out shone them with her dedicated loyalty and her regard for my safety. At times Maxine is faced with a problem regarding her ball and, of course, it is easy to expect me to solve it; however, being a teacher I usually respond with, "Solve your problem-you can do it." To my satisfaction and to her glee she does exactly that - finds the solution. Maxine does welcome the opportunity to be challenged intellectually and she likes being mentally alert to all activities in the home and community. Being outside and being exercised are a must in our home. There are always places to go and smells to be smelled and new friends to meet both animal and human. Maxine has a fairly large command of the English language for a dog. She does listen to what I say and to the words of others she trusts. Positive comments are made by friends and others how well she responds to the spoken word and she does what she needs to do. Maxine is a loved and very special golden who makes her presence known as she enters the room. She has a vivacious personality that is infectious to those near her. Although Maxine has had her left front leg amputated due to cancer, she has a good life. Hopefully with a good home, lots of love and the proper medical attention her life can continue and will continue forward for some time.