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About Marina




Age: 4

Info: The middle of April 201 was a difficult time. It was when my beautiful Marina was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I was in shock. How could my 4 year old baby be given a death sentence? Without treatment her time line was only 4-6 weeks. I could not wrap my mind around this. I was referred to Dr. Glenna Mauldin at the Western Veterinary Specialist Centre. I did not want Marina to suffer and be sick for her remaining time just so I could have her with me. Dr. Mauldin assured me that the animals do very well with the chemotherapy and have few if any side affects, and the ones they do have are mild. So then the question came about cost. These treatments are not cheap. I was informed about ACTSS and I applied. Treatment was started that very day and within 36 hours Marina was her normal happy self. She started playing again and eating. Now we are several weeks into her treatment and Marina is doing great! She is in a stable remission and has gained her weight back. Her worst days during treatment have been only a little quieter than her normal happy days. I do realize that Marina will eventually succumb to her cancer but I am so glad I decided to treat her. I enjoy and treasure every day I have with her. From the bottom of my heart I thank the staff at the Western Veterinary Specialist Centre, and the board of ACTSS for the subsidy. I'm sure Marina thanks you as well!