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About Van Gogh

Van Gogh


Aural Adenocarcinoma


Info: Van Gogh is a member of my family who is loved and cherished. He joined my family January 30, 1997 as a stray with frozen ears and tail. Vany has the gentlest of dispositions. He is extremely affectionate - always looking to five hugs and kisses. He talks constantly as he walks around the house or if myself or one of the other 'kids' walk by where he is resting. This summer Van Gogh was diagnosed with cancer in his right ear. It is an operable cancer with a high success rate of full recovery with removal of his inner ear. There was no question in my mind that he had to have the operation. Without it he would have faced a lot of pain and eventually euthanasia. Financing the operation was going to be a problem, then I learned of the Veterinary Cancer Institute sponsorship program which offers financial assistance for pet cancer operations. After going through the application procedures to receive assistance Van and I were accepted for funding. I thank the individuals of the Veterinary Cancer Institute and the Spruce Grove Veterinary Clinic for helping Van and myself. "It's making a difference for us!"