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About Duke





Info: In late 2002, my dog (and best friend) Duke was found to have a cancerous lump on his leg. The vet did two-week checks of the lump at first and then a biopsy in February of 2003. On February 7, the surgery was done, and they thought that they had gotten all the cancer. However, in October 2004, the lump came back. I knew it was the cancer returning, and deep down I knew, also, that Duke , my best friend, was going to die from it this time. All they thought they could do was let him go when the time came, so the only treatment re received was bi-monthly checks of the lump, looking for changes in size, etc. Duke was so full of life they decided to try and remove as much of the lump as possible, hopefully extending his life for another six months or so. Then, the cancer clinic stepped in and decided to try and save his life. Unfortunately, Duke died on the operating table that night. Duke has brightened each and every day with his outstanding and great attitude. I will forever remember him and how he helped me and hopefully his memory will enable me to maintain care for myself. Duke would have liked that. I would like to thank ACTSS very much for the financial assistance they offered me in such a troubled time.