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About Keesha


Border Collie


Age: 5

Info: Keesha was a beautiful 5 year old Border Collie who had cancer of her lymph nodes (Lymphoma). Keesha did very well through two courses of chemotherapy that ACTSS subsidized. She remained in great health throughout her months of treatment. Keesha and Janet frequently went on television and radio programs in Calgary with their veterinarian, Dr. Mark Rubensohn, promoting the need for cancer treatment in our beloved pets, they were great ambassadors!  "I would like to thank ACTSS for everything you have done for Keesha. You made it possible for me to have 11 months of enjoyment with my best friend. I will never forget the kindness that your organization has given me. Without it, I never would have had those wonderful 11 extra months. Now she is resting comfortably, awaiting my arrival. I have had a real hard time with her passing and still she leaves a big empty space in my heart. Once again I would just like to thank you for making it possible for me to have the extra time with my girl." Thank you, Janet