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About Keeley


Border Collie


Age: 10

Info: No words can express the gratefulness that I feel for the wonderful subsidy Keeley and I received through ACTSS. It's a wonderful charity. Here is our continuing saga.  Keeley was first diagnosed with Lymphoma in March 2006. She was an active happy go lucky 10 yr old Border Collie/Sheltie cross. Who was a part time companion to my parents, sisters, brother in-laws, nieces and nephew. Everywhere I went Keeley was by my side. Winter 2006 is when I first realized something was wrong, accidents in the house and weight loss which I just thought was because I switched her over to a senior dog food.  Shock and utter horror is how I felt. Crushed! Cancer--how could I lose my Keeley? She is my companion, child, friend, family. Devastated and lost is how I felt while waiting for the initial testing Keeley had to endure. I owe a lot to my family who emotionally supported us throughout this time. Biopsies, fine needle aspirations, ultrasounds and finally a trip to see an oncologist, Dr. Neal Mauldin who told me that Keeley's cancer is highly treatable through Chemotherapy. 85% chance of remission average 18-24 months. If we did not treat she would have 30-60 days. There was no doubt in my mind that we would proceed with her treatment. I was not ready to lose her.  After 16 chemo treatments which lasted over 6 months Keeley was in remission for almost 26 months. Side effects were minimal; Keeley handled the treatments surprisingly well. Wow!! I couldn't imagine the last 2 years without her. She is a spunky 12 yr old now. A little more gray hair but if it wasn't for that you would not be able to tell she was in her senior years. She still chases balls and magpies with an incredible amount of speed.  April 30th 2008, Keeley came out of remission. I did know it would not last forever. Another trip where I found out that Keeley's chances of remission again were the same as when she was first diagnosed. Here we go again. There was no question in my mind that we would battle this again. Treatments started that day. It is now September 2008 and Keeley is still having treatments until the end of October.  Once again she is in remission. Let's hope it lasts forever. I love her with all my heart. Some people do not understand the bond that forms between you and an animal. It is veterinarians, their teams and charities like ACTSS where there is a never ending supply of caring and understanding individuals. Please continue the great work you do.  Yours Sincerely, Karen and Keeley