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About Kayla


Shih Tzu


Age: 9

Info: In January 2003 Kayla's owners Cheryl and Everett noticed that Kayla wasn't feeling well. A trip to the vets revealed enlarged lymph nodes and tests revealed that Kayla had a cancer of the lymph nodes called Lymphoma. Kayla began chemotherapy immediately and her lymph nodes soon returned to normal size. Kayla was receiving treatment every one to two weeks for 19 weeks and went into complete remission. No one could tell that she ever was sick. She was the same bouncy playful 9 year old Shih Tzu she was before the cancer developed. Kayla stayed in remission for 1 1/2 years, and then the cancer returned. Kayla received a second course of chemotherapy and did very well until January 2005 when she finally lost her battle with cancer. She was a wonderful dog and is greatly missed by her family and all the people who cared for her.