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About Kamo



Soft Tissue Sarcomas

Age: Adult

Info: Henry Ford said "You can do anything if you have enthusiasm", these are words that Kamo lives by everyday. With a wiggle of his bum and a huge smile on his face, he wakes up in the morning with an "everyday is a party" attitude. One look into those dark brown eyes after he was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma in his neck, and I knew that I would do everything possible to help him. After a very complicated surgery to remove the huge mass that was compressing his spinal cord, Kamo underwent 7 weeks of radiation as well as several treatments of chemotherapy. Throughout everything he maintained his exceptional attitude, good spirit and daily swims in the lake. We owe so much to Dr Fowler for the surgery and Dr. Neal Mauldin and Dr. Glenna Mauldin for Kamo's radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The doctors and technologists at the Cancer Center in Calgary are amazing and made this terrible experience a lot more bearable. I am indebted to them for the exceptional care they gave him. Thank you so much to all the dedicated volunteers that make the ACTSS a reality. We are forever grateful!