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About Emily


Golden Retriever


Age: 11

Info: My name is Emily. I am 11 yr old and I am a retired seeing eye dog. After my first mom was diagnosed with terminal leukemia she asked my new mom to adopt me. She wanted me to be able to play and have sisters to have fun with. I went to live on an acreage with my new sisters, Sasha and Meesha. October 2008, I developed a lump on my nose. Dr. Jennifer Stelfox did a biopsy and found it to be a fibrosarcoma and sent me to Dr. Dave Szentimrey at the Western Veterinary Cancer Centre in Calgary. I had the tumor and half of my upper jaw removed. Everything went well and I was back playing and exploring on the acreage until February 2010 when the lump returned. Again, Dr. Szentimrey did surgery and Dr. Neil Mulden arranged 21 radiation treatments in Calgary. I am now in the recovery phase. I am so thankful for everyone who helped me, Dr. Stelfox, Dr. Szentimrey, Dr. Mulden, the staff at the WVSC and to ACTSS for the help and support, but especially to my mom and dad. THEY SAY THAT THEY ARE THE LUCKY ONES TO HAVE ME IN THEIR LIVES BUT I THINK THAT I'M THE LUCKY ONE!