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About Dakota




Age: 7

Info: In the early winter of 2003 Dakota's owner noticed that she had a limp. Radiographs revealed that this 7 year old Rottweiler had developed a serious bone cancer called Osteosarcoma, so common in this breed. Dakota had her leg amputated and she began his chemotherapy thanks to ACTSS subsidization.  Dakota handled her chemotherapy with hardly a blink. Her sweet personality shone through all of her trips to the vet clinic and she was a hit with all of the staff. After three months of chemotherapy Dakota's osteosarcoma cancer seemed well under control but her owner noticed she was having some difficulty breathing. x-rays showed that Dakota had developed cancer in one of her lungs. Dakota had developed two separate types of cancer. In February 2004 Dakota lost her battle with these cancers. She was a beautiful dog. Our condolences to Dakota's family.