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About Cujo




Age: 8

Info: Cujo came to us at about the age of 2, having being abandoned by his owner at a home that boards dogs. He had a rough start in life, being jostled from home to home, but that came to an end, the day we met him. Cujo was (and still is) very excited about life. He loves meeting new people, going for walks, watching movies with the family and eating popcorn (sshhhh! don't tell the doctors that!) and he LOVES food in general. Cujo also loves camping, campfires and going in the truck or anything else that involves the family. He even allows Hope (our cat) to snuggle up when no one is looking. Cujo is a great source of joy, love and comfort for my kids and I and he manages to win the affections of everyone he meets. We can honestly say that without Cujo, there would be a void in our life.  At age 8, Cujo was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in his front leg. It was an extremely difficult time for my kids and I (and Cujo) because the limping that Cujo was doing came on suddenly, after a week of camping, and I thought he had pulled a muscle while we were out walking. CANCER was the last thing on our mind! On September 23rd, after many tears and sleepless nights and four days before my daughter's 11th birthday, Cujo went into surgery for amputation of his front leg. On September 26th he had his first chemotherapy treatment and since then has had another one. Doctors told us that dogs do surprisingly well with chemotherapy in that they don't get sick like humans do and Cujo is proving that to be true.  Since his amputation and chemotherapy, Cujo is going for walks and moving faster than he did before. He is lively, energetic, happy and yes, he still loves food! We know that Cujo will not live forever. None of us will, but we know that we have done everything possible and we know that Cujo has been given the best chance at living a full life. Although every circumstance is different, we haven't any regrets with the decision we made.  Thank-you to all of Cujo's loving doctors and nurses at Savannah Animal Clinic, Western Vet Specialists and Millcreek Animal Hospital and to ACTSS organization for your help and devotion and your love.