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About Coco




Age: 5

Info: I would like to start off by thanking ACTSS for the subsidization approval for Coco. The two of us have been together since she was 8 weeks old. It is hard to believe 5 years have passed and we still enjoy each others company, every minute of it. A little over 4 months ago I noticed that Coco had developed what appeared to be swollen glands; as it turned out they were swollen lymph nodes. After Coco's biopsies of her lymph nodes came back positive for Cancer, life got different, really fast. We made our way to the Western Veterinary Hospital to visit with Dr. Mauldin; she explained to us that the options; watch Coco fade away over the next 4 weeks or attempt Chemotherapy. So far I had learned that dogs can get cancer and the sooner you detect it the better the chances of survival. Unfortunately for me and Coco... Lymphoma is not curable only treatable. The extent to which the treatment would be effective was anyones guess. All I was promised was the expense attached to the therapy and let me say it is not cheap. Faced with the ultimate decision of putting my best friend down so she does not have to suffer brought tears to my eyes. I think at that moment Coco knew I was struggling; she managed a few whimpers of her own and moved to rub her nose against my leg. We both sat in that tiny room with the Vet's and Technician, me crying and Coco doing her best to let me know it was okay. So it has been just over six weeks since Coco's first Chemo treatment and she has responded very well. As a matter of fact she was in 100% remission after 36 hours of treatment. I can not tell you the relief I felt when given the news of Coco's speedy recovery. I know this is only temporary; eventually I will have to let my best friend go and give her to God in trust. The thought still brings tears to my eyes but we move forward full of hope for another day as each one is a gift. Coco has always made people smile, she has a gift and uses it every chance she gets. If only we could offer unconditional love to those around us as our dogs do so naturally every moment of their lives. Coco and I have taken up running together, we both love it and make new acquaintances along the way. I must admit that the Oncology team at Western Veterinary Cancer Centre has been fantastic, from our wonderful Technician Joelene to the support staff at the reception desk and everyone in between, thank you for all your help in the past and future! No matter what hardships lay ahead, no matter how impossible life may seem, faced with the worst of odds, we carry on... together! Sincerely, Allan Warkentin