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About Ariel



Colon Cancer

Age: 11

Info: In the summer of 2001, Ariel's owner Arlene learned that Ariel had a malignant tumor of her colon. An expensive specialized surgery was required to remove this aggressive tumor from her abdomen. Arlene applied for subsidization of this surgery from ACTSS and Ariel received her life saving therapy from board certified veterinary surgeons. She recovered quickly and soon was home playing. April 16, 2002 update by Arlene: "Ariel is doing just great since she had her surgery for her colon cancer in July 2001. She was just in to visit her veterinarian who said that things are looking great, no sign of any cancer at all! She is out enjoying the spring weather with Tanasha, running and playing ball again. It's great to see that at the age of 11 she is able to enjoy a great life still.Tanasha and I would like to thank everyone again that gave her back to us. You guys are just great!! Thank you ACTSS!"