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About Cino





Info: We had been on vacation for Christmas and on the way home had noticed that Cino was not himself. Our first indication that Cino was in difficulty was when we noticed that he was having trouble getting out of the van. He had also started squatting in stead of lifting his leg to urinate. His appetite had also waned so we tried feeding him his favorite foods to no avail. He seemed to be experiencing his front paws on my shoulders to dance with me.  We had at first put his behavior down to his being cramped up in the van on the drive back from Kamloops. We waited to see if his condition improved over night. We discovered the next morning that he was still experiencing discomfort. We took him that afternoon to his doctor Miguele at the Strathmore Veterinary Clinic. He noticed that Cino was swollen in his abdomen area and took w-rays of him. Dr Miguele advised us that Cino had a very advanced tumor and that he had to be in extreme pain. He recommended that it would be kinder for Cino if he would be put to sleep. We could not do that without exhausting all possibilities in an attempt to save his life.  Dr. Miguele recommended that we attempt to get Cino seen by the cancer specialist at the Western Veterinary Specialist Centre. He contacted the centre and arranged for us an emergency appointment for Cino to be examined by Dr Dave Szentinrey the next morning. Cino was examined by the staff who confirmed the diagnosis. They did however offer hope that Cino's condition was operable and that he stood a good chance of survival with the proper treatment. Cino was operated on at the clinic and a massive tumor was removed from his abdomen along with one of his kidneys. The medical staff was very optimistic about Cino's prognosis.  After sending a sample of the tumor the results were very unexpected. Tests on the tumor showed that the growth had some malignancies which would necessitate Cino needing five chemotherapy treatments at $500.00 per treatment and blood work after each. We had just spent $4,000.00 on the surgery for Cino and as we are going into retirement this year were strapped financially to continue spending that kind of money. We applied to ACTSS and were successful in receiving $1,000.00 for two of the treatments for Cino. You cannot imagine the relief this generous gift afforded us. Cino had his first treatment on February 6, 2004 with the only noticeable side affect being an upset stomach. He has now had his second treatment on February 27, 2004 with no apparent side effects. He has gained back ten of the pounds he lost, recovered his strength and enjoys playing with me as he had before his illness. The least we can hope for is to double the expected life span that had been estimated by the doctor and the most we can hope for is a complete cure. We would like to thank ACTSS for their generous gift. If it had not been for them Cino more than likely would not have celebrated his second birthday March 1, 2004. Cino is very dear to us and completes our family. We are truly thankful that there are organizations such as yours that share the same love of animals as we do.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,  Cino, Shirley and Len