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About Charlie


Jack Russell Terrier


Age: 13

Info: "Charlie was under a year old when I found him sitting sadly in a kennel at the Calgary city pound - it was his third visit. They said he'd been badly treated and had been through several homes. That was 12 years ago, he came home with me - and he has enriched every day of my life ever since. Then in the fall of 2009 - a frightening discovery. A lump had started to grow in his pelvic area. At first it seemed to be inoperable. In early March, we had a consult with Dr. Dave at Western Veterinary Cancer Centre... and the next day he operated to remove the mass. Biopsy results determined it was a fibrosarcoma. Then we had another consult with oncologist Dr. Mauldin who advised the mass would re-grow locally - and fast. My heart broke at the thought of losing Charlie, he would run into trouble soon without treatment, but with radiation he had a good prognosis. I could not imagine not helping him... however, the cost of radiation therapy was a major concern. I was told about ACTSS and hoped they might help. They did! Charlie has now completed his 21st treatment and is doing well. We are enjoying walks together in the summer sun, and he obviously feels that he has a new lease of life! I am optimistic. Every day with him now is a gift and treasured. I am so immensely grateful to this wonderful organization for their contribution. Thank you to everyone at ACTSS from the bottom of our hearts."