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About Buddy


Golden Retriever

Mouth (Oral) Cancer


Info: Buddy's Cancer Story -- In the winter of 2005, we began to notice bleeding from Buddy's mouth. At first we thought it was caused by a simple bitten tongue or cheek- however, the bleeding did not stop. We took him to the vet, who told us that the bleeding was from a tumour on his tongue.  The tumour had grown so that he had consistently bitten down on it. After some tests the vet had some very bad news for us: Buddy's tumour was a malignant cancer. Fortunately after examination of his lymph nodes and x-rays of his internal organs, we found that the cancer had not yet spread. After much exploration of our options, we decided that the best course of action was radiation therapy. This therapy was only available in Saskatoon, but we were willing to brave the twelve-hour drive there and back if it meant a chance for Buddy.  The vet team in Saskatoon were very nice, and it was they that first told us of ACTSS. Buddy's four-week radiation program was very expensive; not only that but he requires routine blood tests and medication as part of his aftercare. Each routine check-up's cost adds to the financial burden. WE are willing to shoulder this burden for the sake of our best friend, but the ACTSS's subsidy provides some much needed assistance  -Chris