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About Bubbles



Prostate Cancer


Info: Thank you so much for the donation of 1500, to help for Bubbles treatment. It really helps us with the large amount of medical bill. Bubbles had a really bad case of infection after the radiation from Saskatoon on March 15. They have tried different kind of antibiotics, but he is resist to most of the antibiotics. He started his chemo treatment on May 1, it didn't go well. He got really sick on May 3; I thought he was leaving us on May 5. He got better, came home on May 9 but sick again on May 10. We finally have to let him go on May 17. The cancer had spread to his bladder. We just can't see him suffer anymore.  Since Nov. 2006, Bubbles has been sick. They are so many kind people had touched his heart in different ways. You are one of them, and you didn't even get to meet him.. On behalf of our family, we just to say "Thank you". Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated.