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About Brandy M

Brandy M

American Bulldog/Rottweiler

Osteosarcoma of the Jaw

Age: 10

Info: Brandy was only 9 years old when her mom Melodie noticed that she was having some pain in her jaw. A trip to the veterinarian revealed an infected tooth and Brandy had a procedure to remove the tooth. Unfortunately during the dentistry, the veterinarian found bone damage around the tooth and an xray revealed that a cancer had begun. A biopsy confirmed the fears of bone cancer and Brandy had surgery to remove one-half of her lower jaw. It gave Melodie hope to learn that bone cancer of the jaw had a better prognosis than bone cancer of a leg. Melodie worked very hard with Brandy in the weeks and months following the surgery. She helped Brandy learn how to eat again and then they went through chemotherapy experience together. Melodie was always there to nurse Brandy back to health. For any hope, big or small, it's a hope worthwhile because our pets should be classified as family members and not just dogs or cats for they never judge you, they give you unconditional love forever. Melodie