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About Bandit




Age: 12

Info: Thank you for the donation to help paying for Bandit's cancer therapy. There is no way I can express my gratitude in words, and "thank you" seem so generic, but please know that I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Unfortunately my precious Bandit passed away on 31 January 2007. Not directly because of the cancer though, thanks to your help. When Bandit was in Saskatoon, a Vascular Access Port ( catheter) was "planted" in his neck to make the administering of daily aesthetic easier on him. I chose to keep this port in, just in case he ever needed to get chemotherapy, for which the port could also be used. Unfortunately the port got inflamed, the bacteria spread to his lungs and he got pneumonia. The bacteria did not respond to the antibiotics he was given. He got worse and was starting to suffer, so he was euthanized. Bandit meant the world to me, and there is nothing I would NOT have done to make his treatment possible to save him and to give him quality of life. Your assistance was a huge stone rolled out of my way in a time of need. He was doing so well after his cancer treatment. People could not believe that he was already 12 years old, because he was so joyful and playful. If it wasn't for the complications with the port, I'm sure he would have lived a happy and healthy life for quite a few more years. Thank you for the cause you support, and for recognizing that people's pets are not "just a dog" or "just a cat", but important parts of their lives. Our pets ask so little and give so much, they deserve every bit of loyalty and care that we can give them. Here are some pictures. I added the one of him running to show you how active he was with that leg you helped me save (the front right leg). Another picture shows the bold areas in the area that was radiated. One can also see his many lipoma lumps on this picture, and the weight he gained while he was in Saskatoon for his treatment. We were worried that he may lose weight afterwards, so he got a lot of rice and potato with his food. Which he gobbled up, of course. Sincerely, Luvette