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About Bailey



Mammary Cancer In Cats


Info: Bailey was diagnosed with mammary adenocarcimona in April 2007. A few months later, she went in for surgery which we thought would cure the problem. However, in March 2008, we learned that Bailey's cancer had returned and was spreading to her lymphatic nodes. At this time, we were told that Bailey's life expectancy was roughly twelve months. It was after this diagnosis that we made the decision to consult Western Veterinary Specialists in Calgary for more information on chemotherapy options. After this consultation, we felt very positive about the likelihood of chemotherapy proving to be beneficial in Bailey's case and we were also confident that Bailey's quality of life would not be severely compromised as the result of treatment. As of September 2008, Bailey has just finished her final chemotherapy treatment and she has experienced minimal side effects. Dr. Glenna Mauldin, the veterinary oncologist who supervised Bailey's treatment, couldn't be happier when it comes to Bailey's response to her treatments. All tests and x-rays have come back clear and we are hopeful that Bailey's cancer remains in remission.  Candy