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About Bailey


Australian Shepherd


Age: 9

Info: Bailey is a nine year old Australian Shepherd. Bailey originally came to his owners at the age of 2 years from the SPCA. In November 2003 he developed Lymphoma, cancer of his lymph nodes, one of the most common cancers to occur in dogs and cats. Chemotherapy usually gives at least 1 year of remission to this disease. ACTSS subsidized Bailey's chemotherapy and he did well until May 2004 when he lost his battle to cancer. "He had an impact on a lot of people that knew him. When I informed friends and neighbors of his passing, there were many tears from them as well. He was a very special dog, we miss him very much, and he will be in our hearts forever. Thank you so much for your support. The treatment did make a difference to him and to us and we appreciate it very much." Christine