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About Amy


Border Collie


Age: 4

Info: In August of 2005, A.C.T.S.S gave us a subsidy to assist in the treatment of lymphoma for our border collie cross Amy. Amy was just shy of her third birthday when she was diagnosed with lymphoma. We, along with Amy's litter-mate Indi, were devastated. We couldn't imagine life without Amy--she was clever, mischievous, loving and loyal.  Thanks to A.C.T.S.S though, we were able to go ahead with chemotherapy for Amy and by Christmas she had completed a 25 week chemotherapy protocol and was happily in remission. In early April, Amy's cancer came back. We opted to go ahead with another 25 weeks of treatment, but the cancer proved to be more persistent the second time around and we had a really hard time keeping Amy in remission. We worked with out veterinary team at Mill Creek Animal Hospital and with our oncologist in Calgary to come up with the best course of action for Amy, but found that the cancer seemed to be one step ahead every time.  We spent the summer with Amy, and her brother Indi, on a 7-week road trip across Canada--we camped every night, hiked until our feet hurt and walked along every beach we found. It was the greatest summer of our lives, and we are so happy we had our precious Amy with us. By the fall, Amy fell apart pretty quickly. The cancer became very aggressive, sapped her of her energy and appetite and invaded her blood stream. One morning we woke up and just knew it was time to say goodbye to Amy. On October 13, we brought Amy into Mill Creek Animal Hospital where she had been receiving treatment for the past fifteen months and said goodbye. We miss Amy everyday. We miss her so much it aches. One of the things that makes her absence easier, is knowing that we did everything we could for Amy and made every extra day she had with us worthwhile. Had we not gone ahead with the chemotherapy, Amy would have only had 4-6 weeks. Instead she had 15 months. I think Amy would agree in saying that the past 15 months were jam packed with playtime at the park, treats, runs in the river valleys and a ton of snuggling and belly scratches.  We would like to thank A.C.T.S.S for their contribution towards Amy's chemotherapy--the last 15 months with her were priceless and we will never be able to thank you enough for the role you played in making them possible.  All the best,  Erin, Andrew & Indi