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About Alfred





Info: Alfred had lymphoma, a cancer that came very quickly and wore out his bowels, colon, liver and intestines. During his last 7 weeks, I syringe fed Alfred food and water so that he would enjoy his last few weeks to the fullest. When Alfred was strong enough for chemo, he had two sessions that made him spry and much better for a few days afterwards. Alfred and I spent those weeks enjoying quality time together. He left for Rainbow Bridge on Easter Sunday and is now enjoying running free with vim and vigor, eating as much wet food, tuna and olives as he can! He lives on in me with everything I do, as pals and buddies never stray far. Alfred is never far from my heart. I celebrate Alfred's life by lighting a candle in his color and remember the beautiful memories and cherish the happy, exciting, caring, supportive and, inspirational times he gave me. -Deb