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About Abby



Mast Cell Tumours

Age: 8

Info: Abby developed a cancer called mastocytoma. She received radiation therapy at the Western Veterinary Cancer Centre to control this frequently aggressive cancer. "Abby joined our lives on March 13, 2005 and has made every day since then more enjoyable for all of us. She is there to greet us when we come home every day with her tail wagging. She sleeps on my bed every night with me, and cuddles up to me as close as she can, and I put my arm around her and fall sound asleep and she stays there with me all night. She loves to go for car rides with me, and adores going to the dog park. She is my copilot in the car and my copilot in life. She is only 8 years old and is so deserving of all good things in life given her rough start. I have had several dogs and I love dogs, but she is the best dog I have ever known. She is my very best friend and companion."