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About Trigger


German Shepherd cross


Age: 13

Info: Trigger is 13 yr old German Shepherd/Norweign Elkhund mix who was diagnosed with lymphoma in Feb. 2006. The news was devasting and I felt shattered. After meeting with the oncology team at Western Veterinary Clinic, the decision was made to start treatments. He went into remission immediately and did so with the second and third protocols as well. Each remission lasted longer than the first. Unfortunately, the cancer came back in January 2010 and he is, once again, in remission. It took longer for the remission this time, but he is happy going for walks, chasing wildlife and being spoiled. Not only is he a "favourite" in Calgary, he is a "favourite" with his other "team" in Red Deer. It is a decision that has given all of the other pets (3 other dogs and 5 cats), me, and of course, Trigger so much more quality time together and one that holds no regrets. No matter how much time he has, each day is a blessing, treasured and lived to the fullest. There are not enough words to thank all who have been instrumental in his well being both financially(ACTSS) and medically. Sue