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About Tiny




Age: 9

Info: Tiny was only 8 years old when she was diagnosed with the malignant bone tumour called osteosarcoma, a cancer that Rottweilers are so prone to developing. Tiny had an amazing family who loved her dearly and so when they learned about her cancer, they immediately made sure that everything was done to help her out. Tiny had a hind leg amputation to remove the cancer and then she underwent chemotherapy. Tiny did very well for many months, but then unfortunately lost her battle. She will be deeply missed. "On March 25, 2001 Tiny came to join our lives. Many happy times, taking her where we went, she enjoyed car rides, the numerous walks, and game of tug-a-war. She gave us endless love and affection as she was a real thinking companion. Sadly we discovered she had bone cancer in May 2008. We are very grateful for the medical help she received to extend her life as long as possible without her having any major discomfort. Unfortunately her kidneys failed, and we were very lucky to bring her home to spend her last hours with us" Lyle, Maria and Brian