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About Tali


Minature Schnauzer

Malignant Melanoma

Age: 6

Info: Tali had surgery to remove a malignant melanoma from her toe and then had 3 melanoma vaccines to spread the spread of this cancer throughout her body. "Our dog, Tali is a great dog and much loved by all of our family. I have three children who range in age from 9-16 and Tali has been a very important part of their childhood. Our youngest doesn't even remember a time when Tali wasn't around. They all love to play with her and they don't even complain when it's time to walk her - that is indeed a rare thing for teenagers! Our eldest daughter even picked out a halloween costume for Tali and paraded her around the neighborhood. Our dog has also been a great comfort to my wife who has struggled with health concerns over the past five years. Tali always seems to know when my wife is not feeling well and will stay by her side all day. It is because of this loyalty that my wife said to do whatever it took to save her when we found out about Tali's cancer. Tali is so much more than a dog, she is a member of our family and we love her very much!"