Animal Oncology Centres

Albertans are extremely fortunate to have three state of the art veterinary oncology centres available to treat their pets should they develop cancer.

The Western Veterinary Cancer Centre
Located at 1802-10 Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta, the Western Veterinary Cancer Centre’s oncology team of Drs. Glenna and Neal Mauldin operates Alberta’s only oncology centre that provides radiation therapy for pets. The Mauldins supply both radiation and medical oncology diagnostics and treatment programs while oncology surgeon Dr. Dave Szentimrey performs specialized cancer surgeries.

For more information please call Dr. Neal Mauldin, at (403) 770-1340, or email

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The Calgary Animal Referral and Emergency Centre (CARE)

CARE has board certified medical oncologist Dr. Victoria Larson heading up its oncology centre, providing veterinary oncology care for Alberta pets. CARE is located at 7140-12 St SE Calgary, Alberta.

For further information call Dr. Larson at 403 520-8387 or email

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The Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM)
WCVM is located at 52 Campus Drive at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. With the assistance of ACTSS, WCVM developed western Canada’s first veterinary oncology center in 2003 when its veterinary oncologists Dr. Monique Mayers and Dr. Valerie MacDonald opened the doors to the new radiation vault and medical oncology treatment centre.

For further information call (306) 966-7103 or visit