Past Fundraisers

ACTSS fundraisers are the bread and butter of our organization. They allow us to continue our mission of helping subsidize pets living with cancer.  Information on some of our past fundraisers can be found below


Spit in the Wind Gang Book 

Come and join the newest group of adventurers, ‘The Spit in the Wind Gang!’, Dave, Sandra, Cooper, Ryley, Oreo & Buddy as they embark on their first of many exciting heart-pounding adventures. On a camping trip to the mountains the gang meets up with a small bashful bear named Grizz and together set out on a thrilling adventure. In helping Grizz out the gang has some terrifying close calls, make some hard decisions, have an emotional reunion with an old friend and work together as a team so they can outsmart the ruthless bad guy! 

The Spit in the Wind Gang is based on real people, pets, places and events that have transpired in the authors’ lives, past and present.
To order your copy, please email:


2017 Spring Charity Dog Wash

It takes a village to raise funds for pets with cancer!  Thank you to our volunteers, our participating groomers and all the people who brought their dogs in for this event. 

We raised almost $5000 to help in the treatment of pets with cancer!

We are SO appreciative of the support we've received for groomer participation this year!  Click here for a list of the participating groomers!

2014 Graffiti Run

We were pleased to be the charity of choice for the 2014 run! What an exciting event this was! We were fortunate to have so many willing and able volunteers to step outside their comfort zone and "get colourful" all in the name of raising funds for pets with cancer!

This proved to be no easy task! Volunteers had a wide variety of responsibilities including but not limited to: stuffing race packets, helping the hundreds of participants go through the registration process, being check point color blasters (who one volunteer excitedly said it was the most fun he's ever had volunteering) and doing the much needed clean up after the run.

A beautiful thank you to the sweat and hard work that went into all our volunteers efforts! We couldn't have done it without you!!!

Our volunteers are incredible!!