Lucky Moffat Memorial Fund


When Nina Moffat and Bob Cross rescued a starving puppy from the Trans-Canada Highway near Banff, Alberta, they did not know the special journey that had just begun.

They nursed "Lucky" back to health and watched with affection as she grew into a happy adult. Then, at the age of three, Lucky developed a soft tissue cancer on the top of her head. In order to save her life, Lucky required radiation therapy. As no veterinary cancer facilities existed in Western Canada, they traveled to Colorado State University where Lucky underwent a three-week radiation therapy program.

Lucky's cancer treatment was a success. Although the hair on the top of her head disappeared (and she was given a hair transplant to replace the lost fur), Lucky proceeded to enjoy a healthy, happy life with Nina and Bob for another five years.

Then, in the spring of 1998, Lucky's tumor returned. As the cancer was more aggressive the second time, little could be done to treat it. In August of 1998, Lucky lost her five-year battle with cancer.

Lucky's story is an inspiration to pet owners who must consider the benefits and risks of advanced cancer therapies for pets.

Because Nina and Bob were able to face the expense and difficulties in seeking therapy for Lucky, the talented "pooch with the unusual hairdo" enjoyed a longer, healthier life and her human companions benefited from five more valuable years of her friendship.

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