Subsidies - Owners

At this time ACTSS only subsidizes the cancer treatments of pets belonging to residents of Alberta, Canada.


ACTSS will not cover the costs of cancer treatments that have occured prior to your application being sent to ACTSS.  Please apply as soon as you are aware that your pet requires cancer treatment.  ACTSS will also not cover costs of cancer diagnostics; ie. diagnostic xrays, MRIs, blood work, biopsies etc.   ACTSS also requires evidence that your pet is undergoing cancer treatment before a cheque will be mailed out to you or confirmation that your pet is about to start treatment before a cheque can be mailed to your pet's clinic.   Please provide all relevant documents (receipts, invoices etc).

To Complete the Pet Owner Subsidy Application

The Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society (ACTSS) is a registered Alberta Charity dedicated to increasing accessibility to cancer therapies for Alberta pets. ACTSS will help offset the cost of treatment for advanced cancer therapies designed by board certified veterinarians. The amount of subsidization depends on the need of the individual pet owner and funds available with ACTSS. Pet owners are asked to contribute what they can towards the cancer therapy, in order that ACTSS can help the greatest number of pets and their owners.

Points to Consider before Applying for Funding:

1. How are you prepared to cover maintenance costs and home nursing care after the oncology treatment?
2. Are you prepared to cover costs above what ACTSS will sponsor? How much are you willing to pay?
3. If necessary, are you and your pet prepared to travel to receive oncology therapy?
4. Are you prepared to cover travel expenses? ACTSS will not subsidize travel expenses.
5. Are you aware of the therapies required to treat your pet's illness? Are you aware of possible side effects and duration of treatment? Are you aware of the prognosis of the disease? Will the above information affect your willingness to seek treatment for your pet?

If you answered positively to the above questions, the next step is to speak to your veterinarian about applying for subsidization.

Do not apply without having your veterinarian fill out the Veterinarian Report, which they can obtain from the "Veterinarians Only" pages, or directly from ACTSS. Your application cannot be processed without all the necessary medical information from your veterinarian.

The pet owner's application/information form is available from ACTSS (see below for telephone number and address). However, we encourage applications submitted online.

A short essay (maximum 300 words) should be submitted along with your application/information form. The topic is "Why I wish my pet to receive advanced oncology therapy".

If you require any assistance completing the online application, or require a hard copy sent to you, please call ACTSS at 780 732-3522 or contact the ACTSS Needs Committee Chair at

Ready to apply?

Please find important forms for subsidization, below:

Owner Application for Subsidization

Legal Release

Essay Form