Learn about the ACTSS Volunteer Program

ACTSS is a volunteer based non-profit charitable organization and is always looking for positive, dedicated volunteers to become a part of our team. As our organization continues to grow, so does our need for volunteers.

ACTSS has a volunteer recognition program in place and is developing a long-service award program. We support and encourage youth volunteer participation with parental consent.

ACTSS has such a wide variety of volunteer opportunities with events throughout the years. Trade show display at dog/cat shows, Pets in the Park, working a casino and major fundraising events such as our annual dog wash and Halloween extravaganza, are just a few of the types of activities we do. We are always looking for committee members as well. .

If you would like to help make a difference in a pets life please fill out and submit the volunteer forms which can be completed below or contact the ACTSS Volunteer Chair at volunteer@actssalberta.ca.

Your help is greatly appreciated, and you can make a real difference in helping pets with cancer receive the treatment they need!

Online Volunteer Application