"Calling all volunteers!! ACTSS needs your help! We are in danger of closing this amazing charity!

Our working Board of Directors is 100% volunteer based - majority of the current board members have served for a number of years and are stepping down from their positions this year. Despite our efforts to recruit new people to fulfill these vacancies the Board is facing the devastating possibility of folding the organization if we are unable to maintain an adequate number of people for the board to be sustainable.

So we need YOU! If you are interested in becoming a member of the board please message us or contact Diane via email at TODAY and we'd be happy to share more information! There are a number of different positions - no previous experience required and flexible time commitment. Help us continue to fulfill our mission of helping pets LIVE with cancer."

"What exactly does ACTSS do?"

This question is asked many times of ACTSS volunteers working at booths during pet related information fairs. The huge smiles on the faces of the ACTSS volunteers reflects their tremendous pride in our society as they explain the many ways that ACTSS serves pets and their families in Alberta.
ACTSS began in 1997 at a time when pets with cancer had to travel to the United States to receive radiation therapy and other types of advanced oncology treatments. Because this was expensive and difficult for many Albertans, the majority of these pets were euthanized. Pets are family members and the premature severing of the human/animal bond due to the expense and inaccessibility of cancer therapy was tragic. Veterinary professionals and concerned pet parents came together to help affected families, and ACTSS was born. ACTSS amalgamated forces with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) to help build the first comprehensive Veterinary Oncology Centre in western Canada.
ACTSS then turned to two other important pet cancer needs; making cancer treatment affordable and increasing awareness of this deadly disease to Albertans so wise choices can be made, should their pets develop cancer. ACTSS began an ambitious fundraising program to help subsidize cancer therapies for Alberta pets when it is beyond the pet parents' financial means to pay for life saving treatments. To this date, ACTSS has helped over 400 families keep their beloved pets with them for one more Christmas, one more birthday, one more summer and frequently....a lot more than that. 



In 2019, ACTSS subsidized over $39,000 of
cancer treatments for 16 animals.
Donate now to help more animals LIVE with cancer!



Mailing Address: 

P.O. Box 48012 Village Landing 
St. Albert, AB. T8N 5V9

Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society (ACTSS) | Registered Charity Number 883300626 RR 0001  

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